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airenkun whispered how do i paint a bicycle?

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Merelogical Nihilism

Have you heard of this before? When I first learnt of it I laughed, but it’s really quite intresting, and not too absurd.
All things are composed of parts. This is true. Everything is composed of molecules, macromolecules, proteins, down to the very atom. Correct? These atoms never combine themselves to create a bigger atom or a bigger anything. At any one time even though they may be connected by some sort of ionic/covalent bond or what have you, these atoms are still individual. Because of this, everything we see is actually just a foggy interpretation of the real world. Our eyes do not have the ability to see the true nature of things and our brains take this imperfect information and creates what we see. What we actually should be seeing are the little building blocks of building blocks that the world is actually composed of. Our eyes deceive us, and this table that my computer is on is not actually a table, it’s atoms in a shape of a table. This is merelogical nihilism in a nutshell.

tl;dr Merelogical nihilists: our eyes suck and can’t see the atoms that make up things so we see blurry versions of the ‘truth’ and this is our world.

I guess I will start posting shit

Alright. I’ve been super bored, but i have been too lazy to do anything about it. So mebe i post sum tings ya? Fucking Swiggins.

Cheating Rapture with Mechanical Wings
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